Transportation by train

Croatia's rail network connects all major Croatian cities, except Dubrovnik

The domestic train system of Croatia is relatively limited, but offers a comfortable and safe alternative to bus travel. The network of the Croatian Railways (HZ) is centered around the capital Zagreb. Croatia acts as an intersection of routes from Europe's west to east and from north to south, being the shortest connection of central Europe with the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.

Informations can be obtained at: +385 1 3782 583, or at the Croatian Railroads, HŽ Passenger Transport Limited Liability Company

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Croatia overview of railway stations


Transportation of bicycles

HŽ Passenger transport offers the opportunity to transport bicycles:

  • in all trains as luggage: bicycles are assembled and packaged so they can be stored in the passenger's section or in a specially designated area for luggage.
  • in certain trains which have a coach with a designated area for storing bicycles (10 bicycles).

HŽ Passenger transport is not responsible for personal possessions of passengers or their bicycles, therefor the passengers must take theft or damage precautions by themselves.

Those interested in bicycle transportation on other routes or on other trains (fast or passenger), as well as larger groups of passengers-bicyclists can announce their journey at least 5 days in advance so an appropriate coach can be ensured.

Additional information and answers to any questions on transportation of bicycles can be found on numbers +385 -1-378-2552 and +385-1-378-3048 or through

Fee charged for bicycle transportation, on all stated international routes, is five Euro equivalent in kunas, and tickets are bought on international cash registers along with passenger's tickets.

Electric and internet connection on trains in Croatia

Electric connections exist on all modernized trains with A/C 1st and 2nd class, sleeping coaches and coaches with beds. The new electric train on regional routes has electricity as well. WiFi is not available on trains. For all other information, please contact HŽ Passenger Transport Contact Center on + 385 (0)1 378 2583.

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