Transportation by coach / bus in Dubrovnik and Croatia

General information

The bus service offers cheaper alternative for traveling from and to Dubrovnik and around Croatia. Throughout Dubrovnik region, generally even the smallest villages have some sort of bus connection to Dubrovnik. There are express buses which cover longer distances and are very comfortable. In almost every larger town there is a bus station (Autobusna Stanica) where tickets are sold and timetables are clearly displayed. Usually the service is fast, efficient and there are many buses per day going to the most popular destinations. If you're travelling on a budget, we definitely recommend bus travel.

If you plan to visit museums, the Dubrovnik Ciry Walls and other landmarks consider purchasing the Dubrovnik Card, and gain access to all of the top attractions in Dubrovnik and Cavtat. A bus ticket is included in the price of the Dubrovnik Card.

Croatia Intercity Bus connections online booking

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However, if you take the most popular routes that depart from Dubrovnik to Split, Zagreb or Rijeka be prepared that the bus will stop in many towns on it's way, making sleeping difficult. This is especially true if you, like many others, want to skip paying for lodging for a night and take one of the night buses.

Recommended destinations outside Dubrovnik, reachable by regular suburban bus lines

There are many very popular and interesting destinations outside Dubrovnik that you should consider visiting. The regular suburban bus lines are a great way of traveling to those places. Some of the destinations we definitely would like to recommend are Cavtat, Mlini, Trsteno (beautiful botanical garden), Ston and Molunat. Check out the timetables and go on your own exploration trip.

Where to buy bus tickets

You can't buy bus tickets online. Usually there is no need to reserve bus tickets far in advance but, if going to some of the most popular destinations, we advise that you purchase them one day in advance. The only place to buy bus tickets is at the bus station. In Dubrovnik the main bus terminal is located in Gruž Port, where both local and international buses arrive and depart.


Obala pape Ivana Pavla II 44a

tel: 060 305 070 or +385 20 357 020

Explore Dubrovnik Region

Exploring the Dubrovnik Region is a great way to enrich your travel experience. Regular public transportation will take you to most places worth seeing. Sometimes it is wise to buy tickets in advance, depending on where you wish to go. Ask your host, tourist information offices or at the main bus terminal in Gruž for more information.

Be sure to also check timetables for bus lines that connect Dubrovnik with towns, townships and villages along Dubrovnik Riviera.


It is possible to buy airline tickets online or reserve tickets over the phone, you have to pick them up at the Main Bus Station in Dubrovnik 30 minutes before departure. For phone reservation call: 060 305 070

Bus travel is the quickest and cheapest choice for those on a tight budget, but if you're heading for Zagreb, check prices on flights to Dubrovnik and Croatia first. You could save yourself some money and a 10 hour journey!

Bus tickets for traveling within Dubrovnik are cheaper if bought before entering the bus.

How cheap is bus travel ?

The good thing is that there are many different bus companies competing for the most popular routes, Dubrovnik - Zagreb, Dubrovnik - Split, Dubrovnik - Rijeka, Split - Zagreb, Dubrovnik - Zadar etc., which keeps the prices normal. If your hours are flexible check the prices at different times of the day. Larger baggage is placed under the bus and there is a small charge per bag (ca. 10 kuna or 2 Euro per bag).

Dubrovnik public transport

Dubrovnik City Bus Timetable, all local bus connections in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik's orange city buses are efficient and clean. They connect all parts of Dubrovnik, including Dubrovnik Riviera (Cavtat in the south and Pelješac peninsula in the north). Tickets for journeys within the city cost 12 kn if bought at news kiosks and other selling offices. Tickets bought on the bus cost 15 kn. Upon boarding local buses tickets are cancelled in the ticket-stamping machines. Out-of-town routes (Cavtat, Mlini, Trsteno etc.) cost a little bit more (journey to Cavtat for example costs 17kn one way) and tickets for journeys within Dubrovnik Riviera are bought on the bus directly from the driver. (available in English)

Timetables for international and intercity lines from Dubrovnik

  • Destination Departure from Dubrovnik
    Sarajevo 08:00 13:00 16:00 22:30                    
    Međugorje 17:15                        
    Kotor 07:00 08:15 10:00 11:00 15:30 17:30 19:00 20:30            
    Budva 07:00 10:00 11:00 17:30 19:00 20:30                
    Trieste 17:00                          
    Herceg Novi 07:00 08:15 10:00 11:00 15:30 17:30 19:00 20:30            
    Mostar 08:00 13:00 16:00 17:15 22:30                  
    Zenica 16:00 17:15                        
    Podgorica 07:00 19:00                        
    Ivanica,Trebinje 13:30**                          
    Skopje 23:00+                          
    Ulcinj 11:00 20:30                        
    Petrovac 07:00 11:00 17:30 19:00 20:30                  
    Bar 11:00 20:30                        
    Tivat 07:00 08:15 10:00 11:00 15:30 17:30 19:00 20:30            
    Wien 08:00 12:30 21:30                      
    Basel 06:00++                          
    Bern(Geneve) 06:00++                          
    Graz 08:00 12:30 21:30                      
    Maribor 08:00 12:30 21:30                      
    Ljubljana 18:00                          
    Tuzla #10:00                          
  • Operator Line Arrival
    Hafet Tours/Riva Skopje 02:45*
    Autotrans/Centrotrans Sarajevo 05:10
    Transturist tuzla Tuzla 06:30#
    Croatia bus Wien (Bratislava) 06:45
    A.T. Šibenik/Autotrans Trieste 08:32
    APZ Imotski/Autoherz Ljubljana 09:15
    Croatia Bus/Royal Travel Ulcinj 09:20
    Croatia bus Wien 09:45
    Globtour Neum 10:35
    Panorama/Trebinje P. Berkovići 10:40+
    Božur Podgorica 10:45
    Blue Line/ Libertas Kotor 11:00
    Croatia Bus/Jadranexpres Budva 12:30
    Autotrans/Centrotrans Sarajevo 13:40
    Libertas/Blue Line Kotor 15:30
    Globtour Zenica 15:50
    Croatia Bus Bern-Basel-(Geneve) 16:35++
    Panorama/Jadran Expres Ulcinj 17:15
    JadrasnExpres/Croatia Bus Budva 17:35
    Croatia Bus/Jadran Expres Podgorica 21:00
    Autotrans/Centrotrans Sarajevo 21:00
  • Operator Line Departure
    Croatia Bus Basel - Bern - (Geneve) 06:00*
    Croatia Bus/Jadran Expres H.Novi - Kotor - Tivat - Budva - Petrovac - Podgorica 07:00
    Autotrans/Centrotrans Čapljina - Mostar - Sarajevo 08:00
    Croatia Bus Wien 08:00
    Libertas/Blue Line H.Novi - Kotor - Tivat 08:15
    Croatia Bus/ JadranExpres H.Novi - Kotor - Tivat - Budva 10:00
    Transturist Tuzla Tuzla 10:00
    Panorama/Jadran Expres H.Novi - Kotor - Budva - Ulcinj 11:00
    Croatia Bus Maribor - Graz - Wien 12:30
    Autotrans/Centrotrans Mostar - Sarajevo 13:00
    Panorama/Trebinje Promet Ivanica - Trebinje - Berkovići 13:30**
    Libertas/Blue Line H.Novi - Kotor - Tivat 15:30
    Globtour Mostar - Sarajevo - Kiseljak - Zenica 16:00
    A.T.Šibenik/Autotrans Trieste 17:00
    Globtour Međugorje - Mostar veza Vukovar - Vinkovci 17:15
    Croatia Bus/Jadran Ekspres H. Novi - Kotor - Tivat - Budva 17:30
    APZ Imotski/Autoherc Ljubljana 18:00
    Božur H.Novi - Kotor - Tivat - Budva - Petrovac - Podgorica 19:00
    Croatia Bus H.Novi - Kotor - Tivat - Budva - Petrovac - Bar - Ulcinj 20:30
    Croatia Bus Wien (Bratislava) 21:30
    Autotrans/Centrotrans Mostar - Sarajevo 22:30
    Hafet Tours/Riva Skopje 23:00++

* only Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
** every day except Sunday.
+ only Friday and Sunday.
++ only Thursday and Sunday.

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