Currency and money in Croatia

The question many visitors have is what money you should take when travelling to Croatia. Croatia's unit of currency is Euro (code EUR). Coins come in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents, and 1, 2 Euro. There are notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 Euro.

You can pay in Euro at any place or for any service or product you use. Be sure to establish the method of payment in advance if you wish to pay in any other currency than Euro.

Banks (banka) are generally open Monday to Friday 8.00 AM - 7.00 PM, and Saturday 7.30-11.30 AM. Money can also be changed in post offices, travel agencies and exchange offices (mjenjacnica), which have more flexible hours. Credit cards are generally accepted in hotels and restaurants, but be sure to ask before you order. You can also use ATM to get cash. Many banks have ATM in front of their building.

List of post offices and banks in Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik region

How do I use the ATM machines and is it safe

When a foreign card is inserted into the ATM machine, there is usually a choice of languages. The exchange rate you'll receive will be far, and there may only be a small service charge, which depends on your bank back home. You can check this with your bank before travelling. Local banks sometimes also charge an operating fee on top of this. WARNING: When approaching the ATM machine make sure that the card reader looks normal, there have been cases of card frauds in Dubrovnik when a card skimmer was being used. If in doubt you can always go to the nearest bank and make your cash withdrawal.

Exchange rates from the Croatian National Bank

Official money exchanges are according to the daily rate of the Croatian National Bank, which publishes rates for all major currencies. Find the latest official exchange rates from Croatian National Bank.

ATM machines in Dubrovnik

  • Dubrovačka Banka (OTP Banka)
  • Stradun, office Stradun
  • Pile - cafe bar Dubravka
  • Central office, Put Republike 9
  • Minčeta mall, N.Tesle
  • Srđ mall, inside mall
  • Lapad unit , Iva Vojnovića 98
  • ACI Marina, Komolac
  • Mokošica unit, Mokošica
  • Privredna Banka
  • Stradun, Placa12
  • Pile, at Croatia Airlines
  • Babin Kuk, Mali Stradun
  • Gruž, Obala S. Radića 8
  • ATM Machines - bancomats - in Dubrovnik region
  • Cavtat, Dubrovačka Banka (OTP Banka)
  • Cavtat, Privredna Banka
  • Airport, Privredna Banka
  • Airport, Zagrebacka Banka

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