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Situated only 20 kilometers south of Dubrovnik, Cavtat makes a great choice for a day trip from Dubrovnik, for thoose seeking a more peaceful holiday experience Cavtat is also a perfect place to stay due to lower tourist crowds than thoose in Dubrovnik. Looking for best budget hotels in Cavtat ?

Don't miss taking the very pleasant harbourside promenade along the peninsula, taking a peek at the baroque St Nicholas Church, the Renaissance Rector's Palace and the famous mausoleum belonging to the Račić family, decorated by sculptor Ivan Meštrović. One of the most famous citizens of Cavtat was the painter Vlaho Bukovac, whose birth house has been turned into a museum.

Cavtat is a city with a very long and rich history. The original city was founded by the Greeks in the 6th century BC under the name of Epidaurus. The surrounding area was inhabited by the Illyrians, who called the city Zaptal. In 228 BC the town came under Roman rule and changed its name to Epidaurum. During the Gothic War (535–554) Justinian I, the Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, sent his fleet to Cavtat occuping the town. Later on the city was sacked and destroyed by the Avars and Slavs in the 7th century.

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Refugees from Epidaurum fled to the nearby island, Laus (Ragusa), which over time became Dubrovnik. The town was re-established in the Middle Ages (Ragusa-Vecchia) and shortly after came under the control the Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik Republic).

The name Cavtat reveals its ancient origin and its link with Dubrovnik. Cavtat is derived from Civitas Vetus, meaning old city in Latin Language.

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Regular city buses (bus Nr. 10) connect Cavtat to Dubrovnik and back with departures ussualy every 30 minutes. If you have time we recommend geting out and exploring some of the townships one the way to Cavtat, including Srebreno and Mlini. Have a stroll along the sea, maybe a cup of cafe and just catch the next bus continuing to Cavtat.

Complete timetable for the Dubrovnik - Cavtat and Cavtat - Dubrovnik bus line

Another great option is to take one of the boats from Dubrovnik to Cavtat. Ussualy all boats leave from the Old Town Dubrovnik harbour. You could also choose to go to Cavtat by bus and return to Dubrovnik by boat, enriching your experience of this region.

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Cavtat, Dubrovnik Riviera Cavtat, Dubrovnik Riviera Cavtat, Dubrovnik Riviera

Interesting events taking place in Cavtat

Cavtat Summer

The Cavtat Summer is the annual series of cultural and entertainment events lasting from the end of June until the beginning of September. All events are free of charge.

Epidaurus Festival

Epidaurus Festival is a new music festival, but other art forms are also welcomed (drama, literature, educational and folklore workshops and events). The Festival includes concerts of internationally renowned artists, as well as the performances of young and upcoming artists.

Cavtat Carnival

The carnival tradition in Cavtat is over hundred years old. It was the famous Croatian painter, Vlaho Bukovac, who immortalized this tradition by painting "The Cavtat Carnival". The Cavtat Summer Carnival is held on the last weekend of July.

Visiting Cavtat with children

Cavtat is considered very child friendly, in summer there is almost no traffic in the old part of Cavtat due to traffic regulations and walking along the peninsula is easy and along flat paths. Along this stroll you can find small pebble beaches, perfect for a stop with the small ones.

If you plan to stay in Cavtat a good option to consider are private accommodation. Especially when traveling with children private apartments and rooms can offer more family-friendly accommodation than hotels, including a better price tag.

Accommodation in Cavtat

We have a list of reliable hotels, apartments and rooms in Cavtat, if you plan on ariving during July or August it is best to book your accommodation in advance.

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