Transportation by car

Arrival in Dubrovnik

Traveling by car is a great way to visit Dubrovnik, because it gives you the freedom to explore Dubrovnik Region as well. There are numerous places and towns to be seen and a variety of things to be done. If you plan to stay in a hotel, private accommodation or camp you might experience parking difficulties in Dubrovnik due to limited parking spaces available.

If you are concerned about this issue, check with your accommodation provider, esspecialy if the accommodation unit is located in or around the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

To enter Croatia, a driver’s licence, an automobile registration card and vehicle insurance documents are required. Please note that an international driving licence is required for the use of rent-a-car services.

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Since there are numerous fascinating destinations all along Dubrovnik Region renting a car enables you to visit them all in your own pace.

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buckle on and drive safely !

Speed Limits

  • 50 km/h - within settled areas
  • 90 km/h - outside settled areas
  • 110 km/h - on major roadways designed exclusively for motor vehicles, and on highways
  • 130 km/h - on motorways
  • 80 km/h - for motor vehicles with a caravan trailer without brakes
  • 80 km/h - for buses and buses with a light trailer; on motorways, buses are allowed to drive up to 100 km/h, except for those buses carrying children

OOOPS, my car is gone

If it happens that your car disappears from the place you remember leaving it, dont panic at once. Dubrovnik has a car towing service (popularly called the spider ) which towes cars that are misplaced (wrongly parked) to a special location where you can pick them up after paying a fine.

Since parking, especially around the Old Town can be a real adventure during summer, we recommend that you use public transportation. Dubrovnik has a good public transportation system with busses regularly going to and from the Old Town.

Towing Service - DUBROVNIK PARKING "Pauk" sluzba

Lichtenseinov put (Gospino polje)

tel:+385 20 640 135, +385 91-428-8589, direct contact with the towing car: +385 91 428-8590, Work hours: 0-24h

Parking is paid with parking coupons obtained at news-stands and at parking metres and by cellular phone.

Explore Dubrovnik Region

Exploring the Dubrovnik Region is a great way to enrich your travel experience. Regular public transportation will take you to most places worth seeing. Sometimes it is wise to buy tickets in advance, depending on where you wish to go. Ask your host, tourist information offices or at the main bus terminal in Gruž for more information.

Be sure to also check timetables for bus lines that connect Dubrovnik with towns, townships and villages along Dubrovnik Riviera.


Gas stations are generally open from 7 am to 7 or 8 PM every day; in the summer season, working hours are extended until 10 PM. On-duty Gas Stations in bigger cities and on main international roads are open 24 hours. All pumps sell Eurosuper 95, Super 98, Normal and Eurodiesel. In Dubrovnik there are at least one or two gas stations who are open all night. The list with the addresses of gas stations in and around Dubrovnik are bellow.

BP Dubrovnik-grad

Vladimira Nazora 2/c, Dubrovnik

Tel: +385 91 4971 032

BP Dubrovnik-Komolac

Komolac, Ogarići 10, Dubrovnik

Tel: +385 91 4971 033

BP Dubrovnik-Komolac-marina Dubrovnik

Komolac, Na Skali 5, Dubrovnik

Tel: +385 91 4971 034

BP Dubrovnik-Orsan

Lapadska obala 31, Dubrovnik

Tel: +385 91 4971 036

More info at INA - gas stations, gas prices INA company

Useful information about traffic conditions, road web cams and roadside assistance can be found at the Croatian Automobile Club (page available in several languages).

Driving distances from/to Dubrovnik

Karlovac - 526 km Osijek - 521 km Pula - 711 km Rijeka - 601 km Šibenik - 305 km
Slavonski Brod - 472 km Split - 216 km Varaždin - 630 km Zadar - 377 km Zagreb - 572 km

International Driving distances from/to Dubrovnik

Amsterdam - 2061 km (1277 miles) Athens - 1282 km (794 miles) Barcelona - 2173 km (1347 miles)
Berlin - 1799 km (1115 miles) Bern - 1404 km (870 miles) Bonn - 1791 km (1110 miles)
Brussels - 1963 km (1217 miles) Copenhagen - 2479 km (1536 miles) Dublin - 2724 km (1688 miles)
Helsinki - 3275 km (2030 miles) Istanbul - 1435 km (887 miles) Vienna - 1151 km (713 miles)
Lisbon - 3470 km (2151 miles) London - 2295 km (1422 miles) Luxembourg - 1748 km (1083 miles)
Madrid - 2820 km (1748 miles) Marseilles - 1635 km (1013 miles) Milan - 1128 km (699 miles)
Munich - 1223 km (758 miles) Oslo - 3067 km (1901 miles) Paris - 2075 km (1286 miles)
Rome - 1377 km (853 miles) Stockholm - 3110 km (1928 miles) Zurich - 1200 km (780 miles)

There are many companies in Dubrovnik offering boat excursions:
Three Islands Cruise, Panorama Cruise and Sunset Cruise... to name just a few.

If you are a group we recommend arranging a private boat excursion. Please contact us for recommendations regarding the best price value, trusty captains and boats.

Last update: 12.2.2023