Car Ferry conecting Ploče (mainland) to Trpanj (Pelješac peninsula) 2024 timetable

This car ferry line connects port Ploče on the mainland and port Trpanj on Pelješac peninsula. If you are arriving to Dubrovnik from the north and want to avoid crossing the Bosnian border you might consider taking this ferry. The same applies if you are traveling to, or just want to make a short stop, on Korčula Island. The journey from Ploče to Trpanj is 1 hour long. If you are travelling by car you can also now avoid crossing the border to Bosnia and use the new Pelješac Bridge.

The Ploče-Trpanj car ferry is run by Jadrolinija, the major Croatian ferry company. During high season one-way ticket price for adults is 6.11 Euros, while car prices range from 20.94 Euros to 31.32 Euros, depending on the length of the car. We recommend that you arrive at the port at least 30 minutes (1 hour is even better) in advance, buy your ticket at a small Jadrolinija kiosk or online and put your car in the waiting line.

If you want to avoid crossing a Bosnian border in order to get to Dubrovnik, Orebić, or Korčula use this 1 hour ferry connection. There are many amazing sightseeing possibilities in this area, why not rent a car and explore Pelješac peninsula along the way.

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Ploce to Trpanj (Peljesac peninsula) ferry map

Where do I buy ferry tickets for the car ferry from Ploče to Trpanj ?

Ferry tickets can be bought at the kiosk in Ploče or Trpanj harbour, usually one hour before departure. During summer we recommend that you arrive some time before and put your car in line to ensure a place on the ferry. Tickets can also be bought at the main Jadrolinija office in Dubrovnik. Consider that during summer there could be heavier traffic on the road so plan your trip leaving some time margin for you arrival at the ferry port.

Leaving Dubrovnik towards Split (or arriving from Split to Dubrovnik) you could visit Korčula Island

Korčula, also called "small Dubrovnik" is definitely worth a visit. Save some time by not having to drive along Pelješac peninsula again. Go from Dubrovnik to Orebić, take the ferry to Korčula, upon return from Korčula to Orebić a short drive (22 kilometers) will take you to Trpanj, from where you can take the ferry to Ploče and continue towards Split.



  • If you are driving from Dubrovnik you can buy the ferry tickets at the main office of Jadrolinija, located in Gruž Port
  • Leave early, summer can bring high traffic along the coast
  • Visit Korčula, there is a regular ferry going frequently from Orebić to Korčula
  • If you plan to take the last ferry, regardless if it's full or off-season , plan to arrive even more than 1 hour in advance
  • Fright vehicles above 6 tons pay extra.


Ploče - Trpanj (Pelješac peninsula)

Valid from 1.1.2024 - 27.06.2024 and 2.9.2024 - 31.12.2024

Departures from Ploče and Trpanj

Departure from Ploče Departure from Trpanj
Every day 10:30 06:45*
Every day 14:15 12:00
Every day 14:15 17:15
Every day 19:30 17:15

Valid from 28.6.2024 - 1.9.2024

Departures from Ploče and Trpanj

Departure from Ploče Departure from Trpanj
Every day 09:30 06:45
Every day 12:30 11:00
Every day 15:30 14:00
Every day 19:30 17:00

* Sails on 1.1.2024, 25.12.2024 and 26.12.2024 from Trpanj at 09:20

Trip duration: 60 minutes

Car ferry line no. 633 VIEW TIMETABLE 2024 (PDF)

The company that operates the route has right to make changes to this timetable. Please confirm the dates and timetable by visiting the respective ferry operators web site Jadrolinija Ferry Company

Ticket Price in Euro - 2024 High season

Person 6,11 €
Children 3-12 3,05 €
Small car 22,94 €
Van 31,32 €
Camper 34,49 € - 50,01 €
Motorcycle 9,23 €
Bike 6,11 €
Bus 92,38 € - 304,73 €
Freight vehicle 20,84 € - 33,32 €

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