Mljet Island

The beauty of untouched nature

Island Mljet and it's National Park is one of the most popular destination for a one day visit. From Dubrovnik there is a regular passenger ferry departing from Gruž Port and arriving in Sobra and Polače on Mljet Island. See the complete Nona Ana ferry schedule. There are also frequent car ferries connecting Sobra with Prapratno on Pelješac Peninsula.

The main attraction and most unusual feature of Mljet National Park is the two inland salt water lakes called Malo Jezero (Small lake) and Veliko Jezero (Big lake). The are connected to the sea by a narrow canal. Stroll along the lakes on paths shaded by pine trees, rent a bicycle to explore the park, kayak rent is also available, don't miss to paddle the along the lakes or simply swim in the crystal clear, blue water. In the middle of Veliko Jezero is the small islet of Sv. Marija (St Mary), featuring a Benedictine monastery dating from the 12th century. The Islet of Sv. Marija is accessible by regularly scheduled boats.

For groups wishing to make the most of their time a private tour to Mljet Island can be arranged, you will be picked up and returned directly to your accommodation and you'll have plenty of time to visit the National Park, the Monastery on St Mary island, take a stroll or swim and have lunch in one of the well known sea food restaurants.

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Embraced by pine forests and adorned with crystalline saltwater lakes, Mljet Island also hosts the breathtaking Mljet National Park, a sanctuary of natural splendor. One of the highlights of Mljet Island is the island of St. Mary, nestled near the southern shore of Veliko Jezero within the confines of the national park. With its rich tapestry of natural beauty and cultural heritage, Mljet Island promises an unforgettable adventure for all who seek to explore its wonders.

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Many also choose to spend a few nights or their whole vacation on Mljet Island, there are many nice private accommodation, together with hotel Odisej in Pomena.

Most visited townships/villages on Mljet Island are Polače and Pomena located inside the National Park, and villages Saplunara and Sobra located on other parts of the island.

Hotels, Villas and Apartments on Mljet Island
Mljet Island, Dubrovnik Mljet Island, Dubrovnik Mljet Island, Dubrovnik
Mljet Island, Dubrovnik Mljet Island, Dubrovnik Mljet Island, Dubrovnik
Mljet Island, Dubrovnik Mljet Island, Dubrovnik Mljet Island, Dubrovnik

Mljet island was mentioned under various names in documents from the past: de Melita, de Meleta, da Mlete, de la Melida, da Melta, da Malta, di Meleda and Melitensis. The word Melita/Melite in Greek has the same meaning as the Latin word for honey - mell/mellis, so the name Mljet island comes from the word for honey, as in the past, its woods were inhabited by many swarms of bees.

When going into the National park you will have to pay the entrance fee. The admission price is 95/35 Kuna adult/ kids and includes the boat trip to the monastery on Sv. Marija islet, the bus ride from Polače port to the National Park and back. You can also choose to walk, as the distance from Polače to the National Park is less than 3 kilometers.

Good to know facts

There are regular boat connections to Mljet Island.

The passenger ferry Nona Ana connects Dubrovnik with Sobra and Polače on Island Mljet. It runs all year long, but during low season (September till May) you can not return to Dubrovnik on the same day. During high season the departure is in the morning and return in the afternoon, while Nona Ana also extends the route to include Island Korčula and Island Lastovo as well. The ticket office opens only one hour prior to departure and tickets can not be bought one day before. During peak season we recommend that you arrive more than one hour before departure and get in line. View timetable for passenger ferry Nona Ana from Dubrovnik to Mljet Island

The ferry departure in Dubrovnik is from Gruž Port, tickets can be bought at the GW Line office, located opposite of Jadrolinija Ferry Company. While you wait you enjoy a cup of coffee at the small square or browse the web by purchasing a wi-fi ticket at the Travel Corner Dubrovnik, located next to Jadrolinija office.

If you are traveling by car or have rental car you can visit Mljet Island by taking the car ferry connecting Sobra with Prapratno on Peljesac Peninsula.

There are several sandy beaches on the island, the biggest in Saplunara reachable by regular bus connection (but only 2/3 times a day, in connection with ferry arrival). All along the island and the National Park there are lovely bays to stop for swimming, as well as some excellent coastal paths to explore.

Visiting Island Mljet with children

Mljet Island is very children friendly, there is no traffic around the Great Lakes paths, together with other flat areas on the island to explore together with your small ones.

During some hot summers there is an increased number off bees on the island, if your child is allergic please make sure to have the appropriate medicine at hand.

Tickets can only be bought one hour before departure, if you are a couple with kids a good suggestion is to have one parent stand in line, there is a nice terrace on the opposite side of the ticket office where the second parent can relax with the kids.

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Private accommodation and hotel lodging on Island Mljet is limited !

Island Mljet, aldo one the the larger islands in Dubrovnik Region, is still pretty small, which means the accommodation capacity is very limited. The last ferry to Mljet is arriving quite late if you plan is to find accommodation upon arrival. Especially when traveling with with kids, we really recommend that you book your accommodation before arriving to Mljet Island.

Therefore we suggest that you check hotel Odisej and other private accommodation on Island Mljet.

Last update: 21.3.2024