Public holidays Dubrovnik and Croatia (Events and National holidays in 2018.)

General Information

There is nothing more irritating than arriving in a foreign country and finding everything closed due to a public or national holiday. Being a catholic country, many of the public holidays in Croatia are religious-based.

Together with the traditional holidays like New Year, Christmas and Labour Day, there are also festivities to celebrate independence day and victory day. Smaller grocery shops and markets may well be open, together with some larger supermarkets. Bars and restaurants are generally open during those days, especially during tourist season.

In Dubrovnik we celebrate a special (unofficial) holiday on February 3, the day of Saint Blaise (sv. Vlaho). St. Blaise is the protector of Dubrovnik. Citizens of Dubrovnik celebrate him since the time he saved Dubrovnik from the Arabs. According to the legend, he appeared in a dream of a town's rector and nobleman, warning him about the attack. It is believed that he was a Christian priest in Little Asia in the 4th century.

During these 5-6 days of festivities citizens of Dubrovnik are reminded of the value of freedom and importance of kindness to each other. An interesting fact is that, according to the law of Dubrovnik Republic, criminals and other offenders were set free from prosecution on St. Blaise day.

Holidays in Croatia in 2018

1 Jan New Year
6 Jan Epiphany
02 Apr Easter Monday
1 May Labour Day
31 May Corpus Christi
22 Jun Anti-Fascist Resistance Day
25 Jun Statehood Day
5 Aug Victory & Homeland Thanksgiving Day
05. 08. Victory and National Thanksgiving Day and Croatian Defenders Day
15 Aug Assumption of the Virgin Mary
8 Oct Independence Day
1 Nov All Saints' Day
25 Dec Christmas Day
26 Dec St. Stephen's Day

Last update: 16.4.2018