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Konoba Konavle is a friendly family restaurant located in Konavle with a long and rich gastronomic tradition. Decorated with great love and care, presenting numerous old and interesting items from the culture and tradition of Konavle, it enables you to enjoy the special and calm ambiance our restaurant offers. Our exquisite menu includes authentic dalmatian specialties, including A La Carte dining. Enjoy our culinary specialities, together with the breathtaking panorama view of the sea, mountains and the valey.

Konoba Konavle - house Konoba Konavle - panorama view of our restaurant Konoba Konavle - panorama view from our restaurant

Konoba Konavle - interior Konoba Konavle - interior Konoba Konavle - traditional costumes
Your lunch or dinner will be accompanied with a wide selection of quality wines and spirits from Dalmatia and Croatia.


Konavle is the most southern-east part of Dubrovnik region. The northern part of Konavle region borders with Mount Snježnica towards Herzegovina and with Mount Bjelotina towards Sutorina. The steep Konavle cliffs extend along the seacoast from Cavtat port to Molunat and peninsula Prevlaka. In the middle of these uplands a fertile valley is situated. Settlements in Konavle preserved their traditional aspect with stone houses, cultivated land and the traditional way of living. The national costume of Konavle is a recognisable element of this area's identity, together with the art of embroidering.

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The embroidery from Konavle, so - called "Poprsnica", is a basic decorative textile element of female national costume. It is made in technique of the counting of the threads of the basic fabric tissue. A strictly symmetric ornament contains the numberless decorative motives. It is originally embroidered with home - made silk thread. The silk is dyed by natural colours with emphasised red, black or dark green ornaments separated with white passages and decorated with golden - yellow tassels.

Traditional details from Konavle in our restaurant Traditional details from Konavle in our restaurant

The names of different ornaments are symbolic and descriptive, and ornaments depend on tissue, fineness of the performance and the possibility of using. So this embroidery can be applied on table - clothes, curtains, clothing etc. The embroideries from Konavle are famous for an accentuated colour, a delicate effect produced by silk thread, and a perfect workmanship that does not permit errors.This embroidery preserves the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the region from which it originates.





Our menu includes a wide selection of meat dishes, fresh, organicaly grown vegetables and fruits from our gardens, prepared everyday with the highest standards in quality and respecting the original taste of the dalmatian cuisine.
We recommend to spoil your appetite with dishes baked under an iron bell (a traditional method of cooking meat and vegetable dishes in a metal dome buried in glowing embers) and other delicious specialties.

Konoba Konavoka - house Traditional fireplace Traditional details from Konavle in our restaurant





price list
(some prices can change depending on season)

Dalmatian Smoked Ham - 50 Kn

Local Cheese - 30 Kn

Island Pag Cheese - 35 Kn

Konavle Platter - 50 Kn

Peasant Soup - 10 Kn

Roasted Lamb - 75 Kn

Roasted Veal - 65 Kn

Vegetarian Platter - 45 Kn

Summer Salad - 10 Kn


Konoba Konavle invites you to enjoy maximum quality, first class service and a magical ambient with the best comfort and truly accessible prices. We are open daily from 12.00 until 24.00.



Šiljeski, Vojski do, 20210 Cavtat, Croatia
Reservations and information: mobile: +385 98 674 363

We can accommodate larger groups. Transportation to and from our restaurant for a fair price can be arranged. Please contact us via mobile for such arrangement.






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