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dubrovnik old town


dave o'shea:
dubrovnik old town is a beautiful place to see,loads of photo opportunities and very interesting is historically blessed and has been very well restored after the conflict unfortunately that is where it ends!the price of food and drink is a total rip off,soft drinks and alchohol.the whole place is geared for the cruise ship passegers to be advice is to spend a day there and then get out.i reccomend a visid to lapad beach and area. tha place is great and half the price for food(that is of a far superior quality)and also drinks.more lively at night(bars dont close at 12.00 midnight)the number six bus from outside the old town gates will take you there.i'ts a ten minute bus ride.after we had sussed out dubrovnik we had a great time.thanks to all the croatian people we met for making us so welcome.

dubrovnik is one of my favorite place, its really cool ;)

Yeah your right. Dubrovnik is an old place but if you will look at it using a plane or helicopter you will see that it is very nice but the beaches there is very crowded.


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