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Bus between Split and Dubrovnik

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Orsat Munitic:
The bus between Dubrovnik and Split departs every hour, starting from 5.00 AM so there is no need to book in advance. Just go to the main bus station and buy the ticket.

Please, do you know the price of the ticket for the bus Dubrovnik-Split? Or an aproximation. Thanks!

Sorry! I didn't see the Tom's answer. Thanks again!

Orsat Munitic:
While waiting for the bus you might want to explore the area, luggage storage is available at Dubrovnik Travel Corner near the Main Bus Station

More information about travelling by bus

Orsat Munitic:
Just updated the map with the location of the Main Bus Station in Dubrovnik, including markers for some other useful tourist services in this area like Jadrolinija Ferry Company, internet cafe, luggage storage, food and drink supplies and more to come...


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