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I want a Croatian husband

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Jenny pentrika:
;) I'm in love with croatia and want to live there.....I think of how difficult this will be I'm a single woman in California...I would like to have an EU passport and in exchange an American passport would be available to my potential croat husband..........any body interested?

What you are suggesting is not possible at all! He wont get an american passport so easily due to regulations in the USA. Also you are more than likely to run into a bunch of loser men by advertising yourself like this. Just go to Croatia and meet a nice man, if you are not capable of doing that, then I dont know what to say!

Odessa - I AGREE!

 :o   :D  

Just to warm you that marrying a croatian man and even getting a croatian passport you won't become a citizen of EU, because Croatia is not an EU member. Even "better", you would still need a visa for travelling to England and at UK embassy in Zagreb they are likely to treat you as a criminal when you come to apply for visa with a croatian passport. And at almost every border in EU they will treat you bad, with an arrogant and rasistic attitude.
I suggest you stay american. We all people are very much the same poor creatures, but you got much more luck and easier time in surviving as american than we croatian got it on this small piece of land over here. But of course I also wish you to find a croatian man of your dreams. Men there, though not always practical, have honest hearts and are capable of feelling deep and of respecting women for what they are and stand for.  

I totally empathise, I want to live there too.

I have visited many times, I'm in England, and would be looking more for a business opportunity (romance would be a bonus) than a husband. I did try online a couple of years back but maybe I did the wrong search, I just got lesbians looking for business partners. Oh my!

I can't decide if I would prefer Croatia to be in or out of the EU but so intend to live there one day.

Croatia, Paradise.


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