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croatian citizenship

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Wow Vianna, you seem to know a lot about this. Your dad sounds like a very informed and reassuring source.

"there has been many cases where RICH croatians bought property and in the end they ended bankrupt " Could you name one? How exactly did buying property make a "RICH" person bankrupt?

"it is a HUGE theft business going on for those croatians that has lived abroad or even were born abroad" How is it a "HUGE theft business?" Do people sell property, but then refuse to move out..? Please elaborate on this theft business because its so HUGE.

"and in older days when they are interested in buying it costs them even their shirt...." Who takes clothes for payment and where can I find this person?

I believe Vianna is referring to the high real estate prices in Croatia. They are due to the popularity of the place and the high interest of RICH people who can afford to pay a lot for a piece of that beautiful country that is Croatia. It sucks, but only proves the profitability of investing now before Croatia enters the EU (even more RICH people).  

Well...despite the disparaging words about CRO property...I have to say I am bit more hearty than that! My question is now about the limited partnership I will be needing to set up. Thank you for the replies, by the way, to all of you. Nothing is more important to me than finding a little place to call my own in my homeland.

Does anyone know how and where I begin the limited partnership process?


dont listen to anyone,do your OWN resaerch  and trust your own insticts and judgement.Go ahead and buy property in Croatia.I also have some and its Grat when you have your own to go to when you visit your homeland.I come from Australia.I know HEAPS of people that have brought property in Crostis in last 5 yrs or so.YES there has been few that got srewed but by their own fault by not doing ground work first,well when we buy property here in Austraila we have to do a reasrch first too so why would it be any different for Cro?

I also agree with you it will only become more expensive in the future ehen Croatia enters EU.

Good luck and have fun
m :D  B)  

Hi Everyone

I am a US citizen who was born in the states.  My parents were born in Croatia and are also US citizens...There was a procedure but its really not hard...

The answer is YES you can become a citizen

Yes, you'll get citizenship. If one of your parents is Croat, then you're a Croat too. If Garry Kasparov got it  then you will. :)

croatia real estate


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