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I was curious to if anyone knows if there is any plan that the Society St Pius X will be established in Croatia/Bosnia. Is the Society working on "winning" souls in this part of the world? As all people from these countries know that Croatia and Bosnia is going through a SCARY and HORRIFYING "spiritual renewal" in another words; REVIVALIST MOVEMENT! A movement that is leading the croatian/bosnian people AWAY from God and bringing them to Satan himself

PS. For everybody who doesn´t know what SSPX is - it´s a society that celebrates the Holy Mass in the Old Latin Rite. In other words the Tridentine Rite!

God bless - I am anxious to hear from anyone who´s got some more information regarding this subject!


Have you tried contacting the SSPX in Econe? If there is no SSPX priest in the Dubrovnik area they may know of an independent priest. I hope you manage to find the true Mass.


Thank you John,

I have tried to look for ANY type of information regarding the True Mass in the whole entire area of Croatia (over the internet of course)...I´ll try to find out from Econe!

God bless and THANKS


OOOps .... :o

I am sorry but Ana Marija and Viana is the SAME person...sorry about that!

PS. At this stage I prefer being anonymous... I hope you understand!


That's fine. I'm in New Zealand. While you look for the True Mass in your own country why not keep in contact with like-minded Catholics via this Internet forum You could also send a private email to the moderator (servitium) to see if he has any contacts.

Good luck with your search and keep the faith.



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