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Does anyone know the distance from Dubrovnik to Albania? IS IT ALSO SAFE TO TRAVEL BY CAR?  

Posted by Tom on Jun-17-03:
Distance between Dubrovnik and Albanian border is approximately 200 kilometers (Dubrovnik - Montenegro border 40 kilometers and Montenegro border - Albanian border 160 kilometers). Through Croatia and Montenegro is safe to travel by car but for Albania I don't have any experience, but probably there are no problems. Do you want to visit Albania or you want to pass through Albania to Greece ?

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Posted by David Lunt on Jun-26-0:
Thanks for your reply.
Yes we are looking at just going across the Albanian border to say we have been before returning. This may not happen. Also we are going to go to Sveti Stefan for a day is that far from Dubrovnik?
We have been to Dubrovnik many times but this year want to venture further. How far is Sarajevo and do you recommend tralling there. We have already been Mostar. Also are you aware of any ferry service to Albania or Montenegro from Dubrovnik  

Posted by Tom on Jun-26-03:
Sveti Stefan is 110 kilometers from Dubrovnik. It's takes approximately
1.5 to 2 hours by car(the road is busy, and montenegrian police very strictly controls speed limit). Sarajevo is 300 kilometers from Dubrovnik and it takes 4-5 hours by car, and I recommend going there.
I think there is no ferry service between Albania and Montenegro from Dubrovnik (only domestic lines and few lines to Italy).

If you are interesting in my service don't hesitate to contact me through e-mail and we can discuss everything in details.

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