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Hi Matt !

I would also like to do the same..Im also Hungarian and living here in the US (Aspen , Colorado ) and would like to go to Croatia to work there..By the way I have the Croatian citizenship too , and i speak croatian perfectly..I would like to go to Dubrovnik to work there this summer..
If you have succeded and found a job there,please let me know im INTERESTED in it..
you can write me to my email adress (you can write me in hungarian or croatian too.:)  )

Thank you !


--- Quote from: mateka2005 on July 20, 2005, 01:44:58 am ---Hi Everyone,

I am a 32 year old Hungarian man from USA. I have been to Dubrovnik many times in the 70's and 80's when I was a child. Last time I was there in 1984.

I have been living in New York, USA since 1995 and I had enough of USA. I want to move to Croatia and live there. Can anyone help me or give me some ideas where to find a job in Dubrovnik? Is there a website or something like that where they have hiring ads maybe?  Is it possible to work in Croatia for a foreign national?  I am sure I wouldn't be the first and only foreigner who works and lives in Croatia.
Any help or ideas appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance,

--- End quote ---


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