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Hi Everyone,

I am a 32 year old Hungarian man from USA. I have been to Dubrovnik many times in the 70's and 80's when I was a child. Last time I was there in 1984.

I have been living in New York, USA since 1995 and I had enough of USA. I want to move to Croatia and live there. Can anyone help me or give me some ideas where to find a job in Dubrovnik? Is there a website or something like that where they have hiring ads maybe?  Is it possible to work in Croatia for a foreign national?  I am sure I wouldn't be the first and only foreigner who works and lives in Croatia.
Any help or ideas appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance,

:) hi,

you can look at

good luck!!!!!!

Hey Matt:

What industry did you work in up until now?  What skills do you have?  Dubrovnik is a seasonal tourist destination, so your english or other language skills are a plus.  Do yu speak Croatian or intend to learn?  Industries that cater to the tourist industry is a can always bring other ideas in but that's what dominates in Dubrovnik...hope that helps...

Hey guys ;
It's my first time to ever post a message in a forum...I got the same questions as Matt, I come from Morocco and speak 4 languegs perfectly ...I would love to hear good news about any possibilities to have a propre job in Dubrevnik..
Your answers will be  appreciated and you guys can contact me via my email
Thanks in advance

My wife is croatian and we currently live in Turin, we are thinking ov moving to Croatia and any information on job opportunities would be greatly appreciated.


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