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"Travel to Dubrovnik from Poland"


After 25 years of my first trip to "Yougoslavia" I'll be in Your lovely Country Again in June.
Please send me some answers for questions above
1. Is a travel by Hungary - Bosnia - Dubrovnik safe. I want to start my Travel from Dubrovnik to Istria.
2. Where can I stay in Dubrovnik for a few days / sorry - no five stars places :)))/
3. What should I show to my eleven son in Dubrovnik and Croatia...
If You will have a few minutes plese sen some informations on private email.
THS a lot
slaw from Krakow Poland  

1. The travel through Bosnia & Hercegovina is safe.
2. Try to find a suitable private accommodation, check on our private accommodation pages
3. Maybe the Aquarium (Old Town), some boat excursions to Elafiti Islands, various water sport activities (Uvala Lapad on Lapad peninsula or Copacabana beach on Babin Kuk)
Have fun...


I'm a brazilian living in Ireland and hopefully I will be going to Croatia in July/August.

I want to know the Copacabana Beach in Dubrovnik ;o)!!... I know the one in Rio.

Best Regards


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