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Helicopter transfer from Dubrovnik to Hvar


Georgina Crellin:
I would like to travel from Dubrovnik to Hvar on 30 May.  We are staying at Palmizana which is on the island Sv. Klement off the coast of Hvar.  I know that there is a heliport on the island and wondered if it was possible to get a heilcopter transfer from Dubrovnik?  If so can anyone provide contact details for the helicopter charter company.

As far as I know there is no helicopter charter company in this part of Croatia

Georgina - did you ever manage to get that helicopter and what was the price ?

Orsat Munitic:
There is a newly started company that offers helicopter and smaller private plain flights around Croatia, including the possibility to travel from Croatia to other countries.

Please contact me on for more information.


Orsat Munitic:
Just an update regarding helicopter flights and transfers.

Companies that offer this service are NOT located in Dubrovnik. Example, there is one company located in Zagreb that offers helicopter flights around Croatia. But, if you plan to be picked up in Dubrovnik they will charge for the flight from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, your own flight to your destination, and again for the return from Dubrovnik to Zagreb. This means that the price is very high, I would recommend this only to those that really need this service or those where the price is not relevant.

Another nice way to travel around, if you have the time, is by ferry, more information at:


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