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Hi, I'm looking to go on holiday for a week to Dubrovnik next summer. It's my first holiday without my parents, so does anyone have any tips on getting cheap flights or packages etc? I'm flying from London.

Posted by M on Aug-18-03:
There are charters from UK, try Holiday Options or Balkan holidays. You could also try Croatia airlines ( or
Good luck with your search and have a wicked time on your own! ; )

Posted by Greg on Aug-19-03:
Try hidden croatia in London - 020 7736 6066
cheapest flight to dubrovnik - any more info email me. Having just returned from my 8th time.
Hotels appartments feel free

Having just returned from Dubrovnik for the maybe 6th time I can recommend 100%. We (4 lads) stayed at a villa near the old town cost around 100 quid each. For cheap flights from London best to contact Hidden Croatia - 020 7736 6066. They fly fro Stanstead and are cheapest around 149 return in July. Any more info then please email me


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