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Croatian Men

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    You me aside from the mullets and the Canadian Tuxedos (all denim outfits) I am sure they are good looking guys.   :P
 I'm just joshing, I have a few cousins from Croatia, who live outside Toronto.  So we give them a hard time for being our " funny neighbors to the North".   But Cautious, what does that mean?   :ph34r:

Otso, my friend wears denim - has he been Canadianized too much - Do Croatian men NEVER wear denim?  I must say watching him celebrate Christmas has been interesting - YES Croatian MEN love to celebrate you were right about that one!  Cautious means careful!  Which is why I wanted to know about Croatian men - I want to be very careful as to whom I am getting invovled with! :)   Merry Christmas Otso and everyone else in Dubrovnik!!

I didn't encounter very man young Croatian men.  The older men were very respectful and nice.  I found their interest to be rather fatherly.  It seemed the younger men were more interested in friendships with each other.  I have a feeling, though, when a Croatian man picks a woman she is rather lucky to have him.

i know one craotian...CRAZy..the best guy ever...funny, caring, strong  minded, loves to eat, loves his family....

a croatian women:
croatian men are too traditional, especially in dalmatia, they like things are served to them, first by their mothers (food, clean clothes etc), by both their parents (house, car etc), and by their wifes (food, clean clothes, sex and fun)
their best times is, how original, with their male friends out on bier watching football
so, i married a foreigner
good luck to you, R.R.


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