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I just met a Croatian man on cruise line last week. I am already totally smitten! And if he is like I think he is (and not fooled, which I usually am), and more importantly if he like the men you ALL describe on this forum....I hope I hope I hope he comes after me!!!

Hi, I've just met a seemingly great guy. Is race an isuue with Croatians?  

"... Croatian women were too snoby and crazy..."

okay, I am Croatian woman, and must say that is really rude from you... I admit it, sometimes there are days, but who isn't? anyways, yes, croatian boys/men are sometimes hard to handle, but if you really want it to work, then take the charge, damn it! for what I can say, the best croatian boys/mens are from east and south-east of Croatia... they respect women, and family, are funny, friendly, communicative, but sometimes just unbelievable (in negative) !! sometimes I just want to  kick their asses to the other side of the planet. but, we all (all croatians) have probably the best work ethics ethics on this side of Europe.

he said be my wife  .. . . I will take care of you and your kids like they were my own  . . .but I think he has another girlfriend  ..  . what do I do???

any insights would be helpful  . . .


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