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I=d rather prefer a CONTROLING m:
AND, I'd love to serve and do anything for him! I guess the man does his part as well by loving and caring his wife and show respect to her - some men do not know HOW to treat a woman - they treat her like she is his pet.... that type of man I wouldn't even concider to lay my eyes go figure  :angry:  :D  

To R.R.:
I agree with Otso. As a woman I would like to add that Croatian men are loyal, loving, fun, and hard-working. They certainly know how to treat their wives. Oh and most are very very good looking... and tall!!! Mine is :)

Oh, I just saw what "Croatian woman" wrote. Whatever, like foreign men are any better as far as sports are concerned. As far as being served first..., I disagree. Firstly, whats wrong with tradition? Secondly, if you dont treat him like master he wont have expectations at the dinner table. Yes, this is what its like in traditional families, but thats because men come home from work and non-employed wife has the food ready. Whats wrong with putting it on the table? Whats wrong with the father of the household being the first to serve himself?

I like cooking for my man and serving him his food, and let me tell you - hes appreciative. Who cleans my car? helps me vacuum? does the dishes? He does. Who makes me breakfast every saturday morning? He does :)

Ok - so I need a little direction. I have met a Croatian man - who came to the US 6 years ago. I am totally US - born in Chicago, raised in Fl. I am trying to find out what the typical Croatian guy is like (between the age of 22-26). He seems very nice, but everything I read points towrds these men being very controlling with woman. He doesn't seem that way - but I have no idea what differences there are in our cultures. I don't want to offend him - or misinterpret anything he may do or say and vice versa. Any guidance you can give me is very appreciated. I just got out of a very long - controlling relationship with a very jealous boyfriend and I don't want to end up in the same relationship again.  :unsure:  

Tina, they are not controlling, they are traditional. And this also matters where is he from in Croatia. Guys from cities like Zagreb or Split are pretty liberal, also non-Catholics or non-practicing Caths tend to be less traditional/conservative. Guys from villages or towns - theyre traditional. They want to take care of their wives, maybe in America this means controlling..? Oh, Im Croatian, but born and raised in U.S. I just don't understand why you would think Croatian men are controlling. They are traditional because they believe marriage is a mutual relationship that lasts forever. Divorces are very few, except with city folk (see above). Family life is very important, when they have get married and have kids their lives revolve around that. They respect their parents and grandparents. They like to drink their homemade vino with meals and eat good food. These are families that wait for everyone to sit at the table for every meal and actually talk to each other, no tv on during meals. About the jealousy thing, they are very trustworthy and trusting - goes back to the tradition/family thing. In America you assume someone is cheating on you, in Croatia you assume someone isn't cheating on you. The very idea is rather shocking to a traditional man. Think about it, shouldnt it be that way?
I think what "croatian woman" wrote is very funny because she just described every bachelor in america. Believe me hon, its worse in the U.S. Their mothers continue to cook and clean for them even when they move out. Also, American married men still go out and drink with their buddies. Yep, when the kids are born that continues. Whats up with that? Guys here think its fun to go to strip clubs... what?  In America, before guys get married their friends throw them a party and hire strippers... this is right before hes getting MARRIED! In Croatia, the guys just get together and drink and go out a bit, ummm.... no naked women are involved. The guy is getting married for cryin out loud! So, for these and other reasons, I am marrying a croatian man from a town. I look forward to a long life with lots of kids (sorry, croatian woman, I think there is nothing wrong with serving my husband sex and fun, as long as he serves it right back). Thera is right, I am one very lucky woman :)

I just found this thread although it is rather old... very interesting  :)  I wondered about that too...


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