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I am from Canada and I am seeing someone who was born in Croatian.  However, I am curious what a typical Croatian Man expects.  Are Croatian men very controling, do they flirt with many women?  Do they drink heavily?  He says he is a typical Croatian Man but what does this mean?

:D  Your typical Croatian Man is strong willed, not overly flirty, likes to celebrate, and loves to eat.  Your in Good Hands

Otso, I have to laugh because you just said everything I questioned about Croatian men in a positive way - which I didn't think was possible!  So congratulations for being able to do that!  I would love to hear from some Croatian women and their views!

P.S. Otso, I can only assume you are a typical Croatian Male! :)  

   You assume correctly.  Just as I assume all your ex canadian boyfriends all wore cut-off jean shorts ;)   You'll be fine with this young buck.

                                                      Enjoy your trip

Otso, WHAT???? You think all Canadian men, and perhaps woman, wear cut off jean shorts?  I don't think I would date a gentleman who wore cut off jean shorts!  Tell me what you think typical Canadian Man and Woman would look like?  
I think typical Canadian's, and please tell me if I am wrong, are cautious, nice, helpful, and of course cute!



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