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wedding in Dubrovnik

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Anna Burlow:
Hi All,

I am writing an article about getting married in Dubrovnik for a UK magazine called 'Croatia Exclusive'. I would be very grateful if those of you planning a wedding in Dubrovnik or those who have had a wedding in Dubrovnik could take the time to email me at, with your thoughts and opinions on how your wedding planning has progressed? Why did you chose Dubrovnik as your venue? How have you found the bureacracy, as a foreigner getting married in Croatia? If you have successfully held your wedding in Dubrovnik, I would be interested to know how the wedding was? Did the service providers live up to your expectations? Did the city as a venue live up to your expectations?

Thank you for your time and effort.

Kind regards,
Anna Burlow.


I'ver just found this site and I immediately felt relieved. I would be real grateful if more people shared their experiences.
I am Croatian that never actually lived in Croatia.  I recently moved to London from Denmark as I am engaged and marrying an Englishman. My family doesn't live in Croatia either so planning a wedding in Dubrovnik would be a bit difficult from here.
Actually, we want a big summer party in Dubrovnik next summer. However, we are officially getting married on May 25th this year in Scotland. We are plannng on going to Dubrovnik this summer and get an idea of how things look over there.

Thanks a lot, and best of luck to everyone,

Mel and Jim:
We are looking to get married in Croatia this September, but have just began doing some research to plan this.  We specifically need some help with learning about the paperwork involved and also about different locations.  Last summer we visited Zagreb, but have not been to Dubrovnik (though we have heard is very beautiful).  
If anyone could give us some recommendations for a small civil ceremony location (perhaps a beach), and for any contacts to assist us with the documentation, this would be wonderful!

Cheers!  :rolleyes:

Mel and Jim

Hi everybody.

I am living in Dubrovnik since December last year. Some friends of mine asked me whether I knew somebody to help them, since they wanted to come down and get married here. I suggested the only wedding planner in town> Gloria weddings. Bad idea! She was very unhelpful and very expensive, so it seems. So then I tried to get information through a Croatian friend…but we found it all soooo expensive here.
As soon as people see you are a foreigner… they overcharge.
It is a shame, because this way people will be put off and will not come to this beautiful town. And beautiful it is. Dubrovnik has it all.
We solved the issue by organising the wedding ourselves. I helped them selecting the photographer, hotel, car, reception venue… and they saved a lot of money.

My friends inspired me to start up my own business here. I am still thinking about it. If some of you want more information about the town… beaches, restaurants, prices… I might be able to help.
Maybe I can help you too and that way I’ll get an idea if starting up my own company is feasible. That way we both win.
For those who are doubting beauty of the city of Dubrovnik... don't. It is the perfect location for a romantic wedding or honeymoon.
For information, write me a mail:

I'm from the US and my fiancee is from Croatia. She's Catholic and I'm not (I'm not even a baptised Christian). We live in Pakistan, where we do NGO relief and development work.  In order to get married in the Church, I believe I need to be baptised Catholic.  Does anyone know whether that's all? Or do I need to go through Confirmation and First Communition as well?  

Also, to get married in the Catholic Church one needs to take the pre-wedding marriage course.  Does anyone know if it's possble (allowable) for us to do the course in another country and then have the wedding in Croatia, or is it obligatory that the course be held in the came country/diocese/parish as the wedding?

Also, does anyone have experience having a Church wedding in Croatia with a priest who can celebrate in both English and Croatian?  (We'd both like our families and friends to understand the wedding service, but if it's only in Croatian language then half of the guests won't know what's going on.)

Finally, how about some weather advice.... We'd like to have our wedding when it's nice outside but we probably can't realistically get back to Croatia for this till the fall.  What are the odds of good weather in Dubrovnik in late October through mid November?  What are the odds of rain?

Thanks everyone!


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