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wedding in Dubrovnik

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we are hoping to get married in dubrovnik in june.  Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant for reception to cater for 20 people, overlooking the sea.

hey, we are thinking of getting married in dubrovnik as well! Have you found much out about it at all, we are just setting out our ideas.
As far as a resturant goes we had an excellent meal in Proto, no sea views but the food and service is excellent. If you want a seaview then there is a resturant just outside the city walls. I think it is called Atlas Club Nautika. It has an excellent reputation for food (the pope ate there on his visit to croatia) and has a sea terrace.
Both these restuarants have a reputaion as being amongst the best in town but don't think this imediately means a massive expense or snobby atmosphere. 2 of us had a 2 course meal and cognac etc in Proto and it came to about £50 for the both of us!  
The Phone number for Nautika is 020/44-25-26 or 020/44-25--73 You will bneed to croat international code as well. is the e-mail addy.  

darren frankland:
Hi Guys,
We too are exploring the idea of getting married over in Dubrovnik in late summer time 2006 (a little while off yet) ..... however we are quite clueless as to how everything actually works!
What is the general procedure for foreigners marrying over there ie. Can we have a church wedding? Do we need a seperate blessing? Will it be a fully 'lawful' weeding? .... sorry for the ignorance but we don't really know where to start!!

Also ... is there any information available about Churches/Chapels that would carry out a wedding service??

I'd reallyappreciate some good advice, and really good luck with the weddings.


Snack Cakes:

Hello. We're getting married in Dubrovnik in May (assuming the paperwork goes through, fingers crossed!). We're having a civil ceremony which, from what I can tell, is less complicated than having a religious ceremony, though that can be arranged as well.

If you're looking for a wedding planner, I wouldn't recommend gloria-weddings, though that's the only one people seem to know about. I contacted her and found the woman to be unresponsive and pretty disinterested in arranging a small, inexpensive wedding (she also told us we had to handle our own paper work - hello! what exactly is a wedding planner for if not to help you with such things?) A friend who is also getting married in Dubrovnik contacted her as well and she quoted her an outrageous price for her services, something like 19,000 euros.

In the end, we decided to get married at the Pucic Palace, which is apparently the only hotel inside the old walled town. The rooms are very expensive but they don't charge a fee to get married there during the day, and the woman I'm dealing with there has been extremely helpful and attentive to details. So far the service has been excellent!

As for restaurants, my friend who's getting married there went on a trip to arrange things and said the Atlas Nautika and Proto are both very good.

Good luck!!  :D  

darren frankland:
The Punic Palace does indeed look a great venue for a wedding .... Last year we had a peep in there and it was superb.
We too have been liasing with the (very helpful) Punic Palace, but we are probably just looking to have a daytime ceremony on the terrace there, and are unsure about going 'the whole hog' .ie. staying at the Hotel, full dinner, decorations, string quartet etc etc ............. it could then also become a very expensive weddng - and we are looking to get away with it being inexpensive!
What services have you opted for at the Punic Palace (if you don't mind me asking!)? Have you been given a special deal on staying at the hotel?
If possible i would like to just have a 'buffet' & drinks on the terrace immediately after the ceremony, and then have the meal @ a different venue later in the day, however they do not seem to have a 'buffet' option.
Any ideas?
many thanks
ps. It would be great if you could leave a message after your wedding to say how well things went. :)


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