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Snack Cakes:
I am Canadian and always make it very clear when I'm traveling that I'm not American. I do live in America, am marrying an American and of course have many good friends who are American. That said, the stereotype of the ugly American exists for a reason, and I don't want to be mistaken for one. There are too many Americans - and people from othre countries, for that matter - that travel to foreign places and then constantly expect things to be like home and disparage differences in customs, cuisine, etc. There are too many Americans too proud of living in the superpower nation of the world. Those people need to eat some humble pie, shut their mouths and appreciate the culture of the place they're in. Otherwise they should just stay home.

When traveling, I can always pick out that loud, intrusive American voice that rises above the din....

That's my two cents' worth.

Damir L:
Look to be honest, you guys pulled through WW2, helped the right countries, always speak about the democratic way no matter how long it takes.  Then it comes to helping Croatia or influnceing western european countries to allow croatia to become a country outside of jugoslavia.  YOU LET US DOWN!!!!!!  We were part of the only comunist (I REFUSE TO SPELL IT AS IT SHOULD NOT BE SPOKEN OF) eastern countries who looked west.  YOU LET US DOWN!!!!!  It suxs but we tend to remember things for EVER!!!  My advice is make up for it, step up and understand that the rest of the world does not need the 'Your either with us or against us'  Remember life goes on, it always has even before USA.....

a croat:
i am sorry if you rdl1972 got the impression that croatians do not like americans, because i think that we do like american people very much, at least a vast majority of us
maybe we don't like the present american administration and what it is doing around the world, but we do feel a great respect and gratefulness to the former american administration, that of the president bill clinton
we think that without american support and its recognition of our right to freedom and peace we would have hardly liberated our country, it would still be 1/3 occupied by terrorists and rebels protected by some european countries and even by the un forces
and all you guys would be afraid to come and visit our nice towns and places like dubrovnik, not to mention that we would have still been living in fear
i think that the war and all the struggle we have had in the past to survive in this troublesome region have made people of croatia somehow indifferent and uninterested in the "big" western world, which has so so often pretended to give us lectures while not allowing us some fundamental human rights

Well, I'd like to say as a matter of fact I am a croatian woman (right now on a 3 months stay in the US) and I would say that I have NOTHING against Americans at all someone mentioned that Americans cannot be judged because of a descision the US Government made is not just - AT ALL! I TOTALLY and wholeheartedly agree!!! I find Americans to be a very pleasant people and very warm and welcoming. It is my second long visit to America and I seriously have to say they have treated me as a princess. I have been welcomed in the BEST way ....even better than in Europe (I live in Europe!)... so you go figure!  :rolleyes:

It is sad to know that the Americans are hated because of an issue that the Government has created by interferring in the Iraque war. It has NOTHING to do with the American people in general - as I have experienced most Americans seem to be AGAINST this Iraque war. And about USA letting down on Croatia when Croatia was in war with it's greatest enemy SERBIA - that was indeed very depressing that US didn't help us (since they are a big power and help nations in need) but as God says forgive .....even your enemies! That is something we need to live with - God is in charge of Judging , not us!

So YOU American guy(s), don't fret - you just haven't met the right croatian woman....YET!   :o   :D

BTW, just one curious thing WHY interested in croatian women of ALL the women in the world? I concider it to be an honor to know you are interested in us... :)  Pls share your thought on this matter....  :rolleyes:  

Vianna, I'm new to this forum, and am not a member. I came across your message while doing a search for "what do croatian women think of american men".

I'm interested in visiting croatia, one of the beach cities. I'm interested in coratian women, because i've heard many of them are beautiful and kind. In southern california, where I live, there is no shortage of beautiful women, but I consider 99% of them to be undesirable because they are spoiled and they are untrustable liars. I've decided that I will eventually marry either a foreign woman, or an american woman from somewhere like oklahoma (a state in the middle of america that most people dont think about).

I'm sick of American women.

If your interested in helping me, I would very much appreciate it. I'd like to learn more about Croatia, where a good place to go as a tourist, and if its true that croatian women are good quality. Perhaps what I've heard is wrong, and Croatian women are just as much as a problem as american women. If you have some friends that I should meet, well, that would certainly be appreciated!!!

I'm 32, white, good looking (so i've been told), and good with women. I make a good living, and want to eventually find a woman that I can marry. Dont get me wrong, I dont want to get married right away, but instead I want to find a woman worth marrying. I also want to travel the world, and have already been to 7 countries.

If you want to help me, I would be in your debt.

Email me at   (yes, strange address, it will forward to my normal email).

Thank you...


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