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Klepto you're full of crap. I lived in Europe for over 10 years and recently spent a year in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia and in all those places Americans were very well received and liked.  Unlike some most European have enough sense not to attribute what they don't like about American foreign policy to individual Americans. 

People often project how they feel on others thinking themselves the norm. Millions of Americans are very interested in other countries, cultures and languages and are very well liked around the world. 

In the 13 years that I have lived abroad in Germany, Italy, Bosnia, Hungary, Argentina, Serbia, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Canada I never once experienced any anti-american sentiments directed at me personally even when foreign friends vehemently disagreed with American foreign policy.

If you experience anything negative it is probably because you acted like a moron, not like an American.

I heard that croatian women  are one of the most beautiful women in the world. Friends were last summer in Dubrovnik. Unfortunately I could't go with them because of work but I'll come next summer necessarily. :)


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