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--- Quote --- Oh, and Croatian women are gorgeous and make great wives. They are honest, caring, intelligent, and very family-oriented. Of course there are always some oddballs... mainly in cities. Stick to smaller cities and towns if looking for the perfect wife.
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What do you mean by oddball?
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oddball- those who differ from the norm
norm being that most Croatian women are honest, caring, intelligent, and family-oriented
city women are (like city men) generally more liberal, less interested in "making great wives" and more interested in being independent women
I do believe this goes for all cities around the world by the way. Although there are independent minded women in smaller towns as well. Im not saying this is good or bad. I consider myself independent minded yet conservative, I am honest, caring, intelligent, and family-oriented as well.  

I'd just like to say that the number of obnoxious French I encountered in Croatia was astonishing, btw. No matter what nationality, people should try and remember that they do represent their country when they are abroad!

I don’t know what to say. I am a born Croatian, but right now I live in California and have for the past six years. But I don’t think every Croatian hates Americans, it’s all up to the other person’s point of view. But Croatia and America are so different in society.  For example in Croatia when people go to the mall, grocery store, or just somewhere outside, they dress up and always look their best. But in America you’ll see people, wearing pajamas, walking barefoot, and women with curlers in their hair. It’s a whole different outlook on life.

Then again I am only 16.

Well said Godblessantarctica!

I am Croatian American and my relatives fought in the war, they seem to love Americans!  Everytime I travel, I am not bothered by anyone...  Hmmm....  perhaps b/c I am a woman!!  I love America, I love Croatia, and I support the war in Iraq...  It was not because of oil, is America using up Iraq's oil?  Clearly, NO!  Remember...  Terrorists, Sadaam...  Keep things cool in Middle East...  Show them that being Christians we are not bad people.  The Iraqi people are drastically improving.  Go educate yourselves...  Iraq is a beautiful place with beautiful people too.  You don't just help them against the same 'bad guys' that harmed us, and walk away...  Help them stand on their own two feet again.  But you know something everyone...  I just love really good people, don't care where they come from!  I am Croatian American, and I love all countries!  So God Bless all of you, and America too!   

Much love to EVERYONE!         (Thank you, and yes Croatian women are very beautiful, think of women in the 1950's kind of simillar to that era...  Many are models, I do)  Kisses to everyone!!!
Hvala and Cheers!

i never knew america is race
u cant compare a nation like croatia with artifical country like america


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