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Hello to all - I ran across this post somehow while surfing through google and found that I had to just throw my two cents in.  About me, I am a US expat and have worked overseas for about six years.  This includes croatia.  I spend time on the Croatian coast every year diving and sailing.  And let me just say that the people are nice and I have never had any problems.  Just like any American who is travelling, keep a low profile, dont be loud and obnoxious, learn the language and learn the traditions and you will fit in fine with no problems.  I have dated Croatian women and they are fantastic.  Just do not make the mistake of thinking that the women in the US and Croatia are the same, they are not by any means.  Just like the men in the US are not the same as anywhere else.  

The point here is that everyone must adopt a "global" point of view and quit being such an arse about Americans.  I have seen some VERY loud Irish, obnoxious UK and lazy EU people, so lets not throw stones.  There are a lot of point and counter points here, but it is pointless, judge a person and not the country they come from.  Believe me when I say everyone is different.  

Why Croatian women?  Well, I say why not Croatian women??? They are fabulous and have a tremendous sense of style and personality.


Being someone who lived in America for a number of years (Easy and West coasts) I find it pathetic how much you need other people to like you. The men spend all day chasing women, and can't handle rejection. When they travel it's worse, they have egos on par with the english and when women are not sufficiently wowed by their presence. they assume it is the women who have the problem

WAKE UP for chists sake loser

tell me Noel....:
Do most of the women in Croatia lie and cheat on their men? Do they believe they have equal rights but NOT equal responsibility?

I never said I had a problem with women not being interested in me, in fact I do quite well with even the most stuck-up princesses. The problem is that too many beautiful women on both coasts think that if they don't get caught cheating then it never happened. They have no morals. They can not be trusted.

Of course there are pleanty of good quality women, but they are either married or have a boyfriend, or hidden away for some reason. I rarely find these types of women on the coast in southern california.

If you think american and british men are bad, go to Brazil or Italy and see how they treat their women. Many of them lie and cheat on their women, its a part of the culture.

- joshua

Are you serious?:
First off, I do not think anyone in Croatia was thinking negatively about either you or Klepto simply because youre American. Thats a little presumptuous, isnt it? While Klepto has said hes been in Europe, he never mentioned Croatia in specific. Croatians generally do not care about the U.S. and the war in Iraq, just like Americans probably didnt think too much about Croatia nor the Homeland War of the 90s.

About the women... did you ever think they just werent interested in you??? Women as hot as them obviously have high standards.

Oh, and Croatian women are gorgeous and make great wives. They are honest, caring, intelligent, and very family-oriented. Of course there are always some oddballs... mainly in cities. Stick to smaller cities and towns if looking for the perfect wife.  

Croatian woman are like that.. they dont want you to think that they are into you.. just impress them with the $ or why even bother with Croatian woman there is plenty of woman from Chehoslovakia mostly topless lol


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