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Transportation / Re: Dubrovnik to Corfu by ferry
« Last Post by Orsat Munitic on February 26, 2012, 12:04:40 pm »
Currently the only option from Dubrovnik to Greece is going via Bari in Italy.

We are preparing a section about this option, the link will be posted here soon...
« Last Post by Orsat Munitic on February 26, 2012, 12:01:15 pm »
As far as I know there are no ferries from Greece to Croatia. We have many tourists who wish to travel from Dubrovnik to Greece as well, currently the only option is via Bari in Italy.

We are preparing a travel section dedicated to this question, I will post a link here as soon as it is ready.

Transportation / Re: Bus between Split and Dubrovnik
« Last Post by Orsat Munitic on February 26, 2012, 11:37:18 am »
While waiting for the bus you might want to explore the area, luggage storage is available at Dubrovnik Travel Corner near the Main Bus Station http://www.dubrovnik-travelcorner.com/dubrovnik-tourist-services/luggage-storage

More information about travelling by bus http://www.dubrovnik-online.net/english/transportation_coach.php
Open board / Re: "Bicycle rent?"
« Last Post by Orsat Munitic on February 26, 2012, 11:32:44 am »
Starting from 2012. bicycle rent is available at Dubrovnik Travel Corner http://www.dubrovnik-travelcorner.com

Office is located in Gruž Port : http://www.dubrovnik-travelcorner.com/home/location-in-dubrovnik
Transportation / Re: Need some advice for Dubrovnik - Korcula
« Last Post by Orsat Munitic on February 26, 2012, 11:27:25 am »

A lot of questions, will try to reply to all  :)

1. If you wish to explore Old Town Dubrovnik there are public buses, from the Main Bus Station in Dubrovnik bus numbers 1A, 1B or 1C will take you to Pile Gate, entrance to Old Town.

2. If you arrive at the Main Bus Station there is a luggage storage nearby at Dubrovnik Travel Corner, http://www.dubrovnik-travelcorner.com/home/location-in-dubrovnik . The same bus numbers from above pass just 20 meters from there.

3. From Dubrovnik to Korčula you can take the bus (much faster) or the ferry. Bus tickets can be bought in advance, so when you arrive get the ticket, store your luggage at the Dubrovnik Travel Corner and you are all set to explore Old Town Dubrovnik.
Timetable for the bus from Dubrovnik to Korčula: http://www.dubrovnik-online.net/english/transportation_coach.php

Not many tourists know, but there is also a private company from Korčula that operates a bus line from Dubrovnik to Korčula, usually departing from Dubrovnik around 13.00, tickets and information can be obtained at the Dubrovnik Travel Corner.

For the ferry timetables please visit http://www.dubrovnik-online.net/english/transportation_sea.php

Korčula is also called "Small Dubrovnik", we will have a more detailed guide about this beautiful island soon.
Open board / Re: "Temperature in the middle of September"
« Last Post by Orsat Munitic on February 26, 2012, 11:02:54 am »
September in Dubrovnik can still be very warm, please note that it is also much wetter than July and August.

The highest average daily temperatures in September are still a lovely 24°C (about 75°F), and the lowest temperatures are around 15°C (about 56°F).

The tourist crowds are less, the amount of average daily sunlight still being about 9 hours, and the average sea temperature at around 23°C (about 73°F), it is still perfect weather for spending time at the beach and swimming.

Keep in mind that, although the weather is still generally beautiful, the average daily rainfall increases a lot between August and September.

Weather forecast for Dubrovnik and Croatia: http://www.dubrovnik-online.net/english/weather.php

Cultural and other events still take place in Dubrovnik during September, the foremost being the Julian Rachlin and Friends Chamber Music Festival.
More information about this festival at  http://www.rachlinandfriends.com/
Transportation / Re: Helicopter transfer from Dubrovnik to Hvar
« Last Post by Orsat Munitic on February 26, 2012, 10:31:25 am »
Just an update regarding helicopter flights and transfers.

Companies that offer this service are NOT located in Dubrovnik. Example, there is one company located in Zagreb that offers helicopter flights around Croatia. But, if you plan to be picked up in Dubrovnik they will charge for the flight from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, your own flight to your destination, and again for the return from Dubrovnik to Zagreb. This means that the price is very high, I would recommend this only to those that really need this service or those where the price is not relevant.

Another nice way to travel around, if you have the time, is by ferry, more information at: http://www.dubrovnik-online.net/english/transportation_sea.php
Travel/Voyages / Re: Dubrovnik - where to stay?
« Last Post by Orsat Munitic on February 26, 2012, 10:14:19 am »
Generally, the closer you are to Old Town Dubrovnik the higher the accommodation price. If you are looking for hotels in Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Riviera I suggest that you check out http://www.dubrovnik-online.net/english/hotel.php , you can browse through the list and even book a hotel directly.

Private apartments, rooms and villas are a great alternative and can even keep your budget down, enabling you to spend more on other activities while on vacation  ;)

There is a list on Dubrovnik Online, you can find the perfect accommodation that suits your requests, the good thing is that you are dealing directly with the the accommodation owner, so no commissions there.

The complete accommodation list http://www.dubrovnik-online.net/english/private_accommodation.php
Culture & Traditions / Re: Fraternity of St Pius X
« Last Post by Orsat Munitic on February 26, 2012, 10:02:34 am »
From 17.07.2011 the Church of St. Nicholas in Dubrovnik has again began to serve the traditional Latin Mass in the Dominican Rite.

This small church is located in Gruž Port, near the main bus station.

For information about Mass schedule please write to: missa.saeculorum.ragusa@gmail.com or visit https://sites.google.com/site/tradicionalnamisadubrovnik/

If you plan to take a bus to this location visit Bus Timetables in Dubrovnik http://www.dubrovnik-online.net/english/transportation_coach.php
Season 2012. is near, if you plan to visit Dubrovnik or Dubrovnik Riviera and stay in a hotel you should book now. Prices during high season tend to be higher.


Another great option is to check some of the private apartments and rooms in Dubrovnik, great deals can be found if you contact the accommodation owner directly.

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