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Bad "advertisment"

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Bad "advertisment"
« on: April 25, 2005, 02:00:52 pm »
“Bad “ advertisment ”

 Today, I tried to contact bus station in Dubrovnik for some timetable information. Transportation page of Dubrovnik-online.net site, show outdated phone number ( 20 357-088 ). After search on “ ht.hr ” site I found actual pnone number ( 60 305-070 ), and tried to contact again, but was badly surprised. Voice from automatic device, said: “ Phone call from cartin number or certain phone nets is forbidden ”. I called from abroad ( Norway ), and that was the only reason because I was encroached for substantial information for my travel. I really don´t know what is idea behind such relation towards potential customers, but in any case such bad “ advertisment ” is not in favour of their own sake, neither touristic activity in Croatia.
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Bad "advertisment"
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Thanks for pointing out that the contact info is outdated. The new numbers are now on our guide.

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