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Border crossings

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Border crossings
« on: April 17, 2009, 01:13:47 am »
Hello, I am planning to visit Kotor and Mostar by bus from Dubrovnik on 28 and 30 April. I want to make sure I am prepared for crossing the border for entering Montenegro and Bosnia. Am I correct that passengers have to get out of the bus and show their passports to the border police? Do the passengers have to take their big bags out of bus and bring them with them before showing their passport to the police? Will there be forms that foreigners have to fill in? If yes, are the forms given to passengers by staff / driver on bus?

Do passengers return to their same bus after they have been checked by police on both sides of the border?

Do Croatian border police require the passport to have the entry and exit stamps by police in Bosnia and Montenegro before I return to Croatia?

Many thanks