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Wedding In Dubrovnik

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Wedding In Dubrovnik
« on: January 14, 2006, 11:32:52 am »
I notice that there are a lot of questions regarding the selection of good wedding coordinators in Dubrovnik.

My partner and I live in London and have chosen to work with Nina Bos.

I am aware of the other agencies available however I can honestly say that I cant imagine anyone better than Nina. You can read other reviews about her style and work which back up my opinion. You will discover that everyone has been impressed by her professionalism and brilliance.

She is a local person and responds to all enquiries almost immediately.

She believes in total honesty and helps in every way to find exactly what you want.

She is very conscieous to work within your budget and I would reccommend her to any of you wanting to enjoy the experience of wedding planning.

Judging on the number of emails that have gone back and forth btw her and I already, I think it would be almost impossible to arrange a wedding without her kind of help since I am not there myself to view venues etc. I have to trust her to be my eyes and ears.

I hope my testimony is able to help those of you in the early stages of your selection. I found the write ups on this site to be very useful when I first considered a wedding in Dubrovnik.



Wedding In Dubrovnik
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2006, 09:28:47 pm »
I agree with you, and Nina's web site is quite informative. There is another agency - Gloria, but unfortunately their services aren't of high standard.
There is also a woman in Sebenik, she used to do weddings in Mexico and Bahamas and doesn't limit herself to only one town. The problem is, I heard about her through a friend's friend who met her when she lived in London and have yet to find her contact details. If anyone else knows more info, I'd appreciate if you post it here. We are getting married later this summer and even though Dubrovnik is an amazing town, we would prefer some other location. Thank you, Claire.