Private accommodation in Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Region

Renting through Dubrovnik Online can save you money !

  • Value for Money / Booking direct with the owner bypasses the need for agents and their cut of the rental income. This allows the owners to pass the savings on to you in the form of lower prices.
  • Personal Service / Enjoy a more personal service by booking directly with an owner. Learn the very best of everything in the area, and how to make the most of your holiday.
  • A holiday catered to your needs / Choose a accommodation to suit your requirements exactly. How about pets? Internet access? Need a pool to keep the children happy? Have friends coming to stay for part of the week?
  • Greater Flexibility / Travellers retain much more flexibility. Checking in and out times are not as structured as in hotels. Most villas are self catered, you can dine in when you like. Trips and transfers can be booked at your own convenience, often based on recommendations from property owners.

Private Accommodation List


Pelješac Peninsula (Borak, Trpanj, Trstenik, Orebić, Žuljana, Brijesta)

Dubrovačko Primorje / Dubrovnik Riviera (Ratac, Slano, Trsteno, Orašac, Zaton, Štikovica)

Župa Dubrovačka / Dubrovnik Riviera (Srebreno, Mlini, Soline, Plat)


Konavle (Zvekovica, Čilipi, Radovčići, Molunat)

Islands (Elafiti islands, Koločep, Lopud, Šipan, Mljet, Korčula)

Recommended private accommodation in Dubrovnik

  1. Apartments & Rooms Biličić
  2. Apartment Obradović
  3. Apartments "mare"
  4. Villa Adriatica
  5. Apartments Amoret
  6. Apartment Allergo
  7. Villa Konalić
  8. Apartments Marija
  9. Apartment Oasis
  10. Suzy's Lodging
  11. Apartment Nane
  12. Rooms "Carpe Diem"
  13. Family House Fascination
  14. Holiday Dubrovnik
  15. Apartments Placa
  16. Apartments Dani
  17. Apartment Viola
  18. Rooms Jelena
  19. Apartment Sessa
  20. Apartment Nemo
  21. Apartment Antonio
  22. Apartments Mato
  23. Apartments Nerio - Old Town
  24. Rooms Gull's Home
  25. Apartment Panorama
  26. Apartment Enjoy
  27. Apartment Captain
  28. Apartments Adriatic Star
  29. Apartment & Room Lukre
  30. Apartment & Room Sutić
  31. Karmen's House
  32. Apartments & Rooms Kono
  33. Rooms Sentic
  34. Apartments Storelli
  35. Villa Mirjana
  36. Apartment Prince Hrvoje
  37. Apartments Sipa
  38. Villa Mandić
  39. Apartments Ivka
  40. Apartments Stella
  41. House Renata
  42. Apartment Biba
  43. Apartments Dijana
  44. Dubrovnik Villamar
  45. Villa Dubrovnik Garden
  46. Apartment Storelli Nr. 3
  47. Apartments Maslač
  48. Apartments Orsan
  49. Apartment Blue Rhapsody
  50. Apartment Ane

Pelješac Peninsula

  1. Villa Anadingac, Borak, Dingač region, Pelješac
  2. Villa Bella Vista, Borak, Dingač region, Pelješac

Dubrovačko Primorje / Dubrovnik Riviera

  1. Villa Slano, Slano
  2. Apartments Sweet Dreams, Orašac
  3. House Tereza , Zaton
  4. Villa Dubravka, Zaton
  5. Apartments Žanetić , Zaton
  6. Apartments Moretić, Zaton
  7. Apartments & Rooms Lion, Zaton
  8. Villa Moretić, Zaton

Župa Dubrovačka / Dubrovnik Riviera

  1. Apartments & Rooms Kanjuo, Srebreno
  2. Apartments Joković, Srebreno
  3. Apartments Mare, Mlini
  4. Apartments Katy, Mlini
  5. Villa Mediterranea, Mlini
  6. Villa Bellevue, Mlini
  7. Villa Mlini, Mlini
  8. Villa Marija, Mlini
  9. Villa Palma, Mlini
  10. Rooms Relax, Mlini
  11. Villa Antea, Mlini
  12. Villa Scala, Mlini
  13. Apartments Tonković , Mlini
  14. House Jelena , Mlini
  15. Apartments Roza , Mlini
  16. Apartment La Perla, Mlini
  17. Rooms Čimić, Mlini
  18. Villa Molina, Mlini
  19. Apartments Nada, Mlini
  20. House Petrali, Mlini
  21. Villa Narona, Mlini
  22. Apartments Subrenum, Mlini
  23. House Katarina, Mlini
  24. Rooms Dalmacija, Mlini
  25. Apartments Tabain, Mlini
  26. Apartments Stella ,Soline
  27. Villa Dubravka, Plat
  28. Villa Sunset, Plat


  1. Apartments Tija, Cavtat
  2. Apartments & Rooms Cina, Cavtat
  3. Apartments Gagula, Cavtat
  4. Apartments Kralj, Cavtat
  5. Apartment Perdija, Cavtat
  6. Apartments Tomić , Cavtat
  7. Villa Marlais, Cavtat
  8. Villa Tonina, Cavtat


  1. Apartments Niki , Zvekovica
  2. House Bokarica, Tušići, Gruda, Konavle
  3. Country Tourism - Family House Cvjetković, Village Radovčići
  4. Country Tourism - Family House Ljubić, Village Radovčići
  5. Country Tourism - Family House Vuković, Village Radovčići
  6. Villa Kontrada, Komaji
  7. Villa Marin, Molunat
  8. Apartments Vidak, Molunat


  1. Apartments Pecotić, Island Korčula
  2. Apartments Marco Polo, Island Korčula
  3. Apartment Lumbarda, Island Korčula
  4. House Mišković, Island Koločep

Accommodation in Dubrovnik - good to know

Private accommodation have long been a very important part of Croatian tourism, especially along the coast. Bookings are administered either by the local tourist offices, travel agencies or through the owners themselves. Agencies are usually open daily 8 AM - 8 PM in summer, although they may take a long break on Sunday afternoons. You may also be offered rooms by people waiting outside train, bus or ferry stations. If you choose to take a room offered in this manner it is strongly recommended to establish the location of the room and agree on a price before setting off. No matter how you find a room, it is wise to examine it before agreeing to pay for it.

Prices vary slightly depending on the location and on the standard. Wherever you stay in Croatia, you're obliged to register with the local police upon arrival. If you're staying in a private room arranged by an agency, this will be done for you. If you're staying with a friend, or in a room offered to you by a private individual, they should undertake the job of registration themselves. The accommodation in Dubrovnik fill up quickly in July and August, and it is a good idea to arrive in town early in order to begin your search. Single travelers sometimes find it difficult to get a room in high season unless they're prepared to pay the price of a double.

If you wish to escape the stress of finding an accommodation upon arrival, you can chose some of the apartments from our list and book it in advance. We also provide the additional service of answering possible inquiries about locations not listed in our offer.

If you have questions about accommodation not listed write to us. We will be glad to assist you in any way to make your trip to Dubrovnik as pleasant as possible

Last update: 1.1.2015