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Dubrovnik Diving

General information

divingThe part of the Adriatic See belonging to Croatia is regarded as one of the top diving areas in the world, attracting numerous underwater enthusiasts every year. Famous French oceanographer and adventurer Jacques-Yves Cousteau once sad that the underwater world around Dubrovnik was one of the most beautiful underwater worlds he had ever seen in all the years of his expeditions.


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In case of a diving accident call the Association for rescue and search at sea.
9155 DAN VHF channel 16, 10, 7.

Dubrovnik Online can assist individuals or groups in arranging diving schools, training or diving excursions.
For more information please contact us at: info@dubrovnik-online.net

Controlled and off-limit zones

Not all areas are free for divers, certain areas are controlled or are off-limit zones. Upon arrival, each diver must purchase a diving license, and it is a good idea to obtain one prior to arriving. Acquisition of licenses depends mostly on the tour organizer, but in most cases, the whole diving trip will flow more smoothly if the licenses are obtained before. Licenses are issued by the Croatian divers association and can be purchased through diving clubs and centers, as well as through authorized tourist agencies along the entire Adriatic coast.

Off-limits diving zones


Off-limits diving zones include national parks (Brijuni and Krka), parts of the inner waters which include harbors, entrances to harbors, anchorages, areas of dense traffic, nature reserves (the Ston bay, the Lim channel, Nature park Telašica) and the sea area within a radius of 100 meters around anchored warships and guarded military objects. The Ministry of culture, through the local museums, issues the licenses to dive in these areas.
Additional information can be obtained at this number: +385 (01) 6116 848, Fax: (01) 6116 849

Controlled diving zones

Some areas near Dubrovnik have been identified as controlled diving zones, including parts the national park of Mljet. The second national park classified as a controlled diving zone is the national park of Kornati. The respective national park management is responsible for issuing the proper licenses to divers interested in diving in these areas.
With the previous consent of the local offices of the Ministry of Culture, one can dive in the following areas: the islands of Vis, Biševo, Svetac, Brusnik, Sušac, Kopište, Lastovo, Donji Škoji, Vrhovnjaci, Palagruža, and the sea belt of 300 m around the islands of Mljet and Jabuka, the area in the radius of 300 m around the sunken boats Szent Istvan, Premuda, Coriolanus Novigrad, BaronGautsch, Saint Ivan, S-57 on Pelješac, and on the findings near Žirje and Cavtat.


Underwater recording, photographing and researching archeological locations can be made only with special permission of the Ministry of Culture. In the Republic of Croatia the Ministry of Education and Sports has registered the following diving schools and certificates: BSAC, CMAS, IANTD NAUI, PADI, and SSI.


divingOnce purchased, the diving licenses are valid for the period of one year. The price is 100 Kuna (approximately 14 EUR or 15 USD), and is issued only to those persons who have the appropriate diving qualifications from one of the internationally recognized diving schools.

The central diving organization in Croatia is the Croatian diving association which, through its programs, provides diving education and training, along with other projects. The association also serves as an active participant in the protection and preservation of our submarine world.

As an additional reference, we suggest that you try to obtain the book which is published by the Ministry for maritime affairs, traffic and communications "Recreational diving in Croatia", the rule book on conducting underwater activities along the Croatian coast.



Location: Pelješac, S 57 torpedo boat
Depth: 25 - 39 meters
Experience needed: advanced categories
Attractions: very well preserved wreck of a German torpedo boat
Description: S57 was a German torpedo boat, which was sunk on August 19 th 1944. It was attacked and sunk by three British destroyers. The wreck is extremely well preserved. One can sea the frontal anti-aircraft cannons which can still be moved and there are still torpedoes in the torpedo cannons. The ship lies on its side on the sedimentary bottom. It is not safe for entrance.


Location: Dubrovnik, Taranto wreck
Depth: 23 - 55 meters
Experience needed: advanced categories
Attractions: well-preserved wreck of merchant ship
Description: the boat was sunk in 1943 after it hit the allied forces mine. Scattered around the wreck are the parts of its cargo, engines and tractors. The wreck is broken in half, the stern in sunk into sand and the bow is elevated under an angle of 45 degrees and it lies leaned against an underwater cliff. Schools of fish live on the wreck and two big sea bass.


Location: Elafiti, St. Andrija
Depth: 3 - 78 meters
Experience needed: beginner to advanced
Attractions: magnificent underwater wall
Description: St. Andrija is a lighthouse built in 1873 on the top of an islet bearing the same name. It is situated 6 M west of Dubrovnik, 3 M from the Island of Koloèep, 2 M from the Island of Lopud and 4 M from the Island of Šipan. The islet is about 400 m long, 80 m wide and completely covered by pine trees. The building has one 4-bed apartment and one 6-bed apartment that can be rented.
The most beautiful place to dive is the outer wall of the island. The cliff drops from 3 to 78 meters almost vertically. Schools of fish can be observed along the wall, and at 26 meters, there is an underwater cave. If you have the necessary experience to go deeper than 50 meters, you could see the famous red coral (Corallium rubrum), from whom the locals produce fine jewelery.


Masarykov put 20, HR – 20 000 Dubrovnik
mob: +385(0) 91 899 0 973
email: info@blueplanet-diving.com
web: www.blueplanet-diving.com
 Hotel Epidaurus Cavtat, open 10-16
 tel: +385 20 471 444, fax: 471 386
 NAVIS Underwater Explorers
 Copacabana Beach, Dubrovnik
 Tel: +385 20 420 876, Fax: +385 20 428 857
 mobile: 099 502 773, e-mail: navis@du.tel.hr
Tauchbasis Žuljana
Dragan and Žana Lopin, Žuljana, Peljesac
tel : +385 20 756108, fax: +385 20 756060
web: www.tauchbasis-zuljana.de
 Equipment and diving information

 If you wish to buy diving equipment we recommend DU - APNEA diving shop in Dubrovnik.
 Contact: Dr. A. Starčevića 89, 20 000 Dubrovnik
 Tel / Fax: +385 20 375 316, E-mail: du-apnea@inet.hr
 Also available: fishing and nautical assesories.

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  On this page: general info » controlled & off limit zones » top locations and clubs »

  Related topics: fishing » sailing » hunting » climbing » adventure » diving »

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